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Dia 4 de Março na MTV Portugal pelas 21h não percam o concerto dos 30 seconds to mars.

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Entrevista | Jared leto na saturday night online

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Entrevista | 30 seconds to mars na Telehit [México]


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Entrevista | Jared leto na PaperMag

Jared Leto premiered Thirty Seconds to Mars' newish and controversial thirteen-minute-long video for "Hurricane" at the Montalban Theater in L.A. last night. After seeing it, we can confirm that, indeed, it's pretty weird and nipple-y. Of course, the video has a cameo by Terry Richardson and also features plenty of women who are dressed as leather-clad bunnies and holding chains, whips, knives -- some are also covered with some sort of undetermined viscous liquid -- plenty of nudity, motorcycles, etc. etc. You get the point. When we asked Leto why he wanted to show it at a huge venue he explained, "These days we experience content in such a small way, I thought it would be fun to watch it on a big screen." And what's funner than seeing a man in an S&M mask chasing Leto down a hallway with a sledgehammer blown up on the big screen? Here, Leto talks about the inspiration behind "Hurricane," his remedy for curing sore throats and his deeply boring Internet searches.
What's your favorite verse from your new release "Hurricane?"
"There's a fire inside, of this heart, a riot about to explode into flames."
What inspired that lyric?
My friend Erin Wasson has an amazing tattoo with a heart and flames. I'm very grateful to her.
What three people would you love to have over for dinner?
I'm not going to mention any married women. Jesus Christ, because I'm sure it would be a very loving meal. It would probably be like having dinner with my mom's hippie friends, I'm sure there'd be a very healthy odor. Steven Hawking --  I have a lot of questions for him -- and my mother.
What's the last thing you downloaded?
I just got my iPad, so I've been going crazy with downloads. I usually get documentaries and the last one I bought was called Blue Gold.  It's about the corporate control of our water supply.  Which is very scary. I also just bought Sigur Ros.
It doesn't seem like you've aged a day since My So-Called Life. What's your secret?
A lot of sleepless nights, tons of stress and eating like a fat pig. No, I actually eat really healthy. My mom taught me that. She raised me in a commune, so there were a lot of veggie-eaters. I remember being really little and going to local co-ops and picking out the freshest produce with her.
Do you have a favorite restaurant?
Whole Foods is my oasis. Since we are always on a tour bus,  I'm always cooking.
What's your specialty?
I make the best guacamole. Holy-fucking-guacamole!
Do you have a trick to keeping your voice in good shape?
I performed on Leno a couple of weeks ago, and I had a little bit of an itchy throat beforehand, so I chopped up a whole head of garlic and added lots of limes and honey.  It totally got me through the night and I don't even like garlic.
Who would you like to co-star with in a film?
Daniel Day Lewis -- I really respect him. I'd also love to work with Aronofsky again.
If you could do a duet with anyone who would it be?
I've actually talked to Robert Smith (lead singer the Cure) before about doing a project.  I'm a huge fan and I love his voice.
What's the last thing you Googled?
"Modular contrast electron microscopy." It's studying micros by high-resolution transmissions.  I'm doing a little research. I've been fascinated by it for quite sometime. Just think 3-D photos of insects and bacteria.
By J. Everette Perry
Photographs by J. Everette Perry

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Entrevista | 30 seconds to mars MTV Portugal

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Video | promoção concerto em Abu Dhabi

GT or not GT???

Is everyone as upset over the new GT packages? If so read on, I encourage all to post everywhere. Lets see if we can be heard and this farcity can be fixed.
Brief history:
Once upon a time there was this little band named 30 Seconds To Mars. They were all about their fans. They came out after shows, chatted, pictures were real human beings. Times changed, they became more popular however they never seemed to lose sight in the fact that they had great fans and continued to come out after shows, have signings after shows.
Then in 2008 things began to change a bit, no longer was it a guarantee they would come out after a show or do a signing but they were still human beings and really seemed to appreciate their fanbase.
Meat and potatos:
2009 was a big year, new album and a new look. The shows in the USA were now ran by I Love All Access (ILAA) a very reputable company works with many bands. There were meet and greets now. During those M&G’s there was food, water, soda, games and the band would come and each person had their time with the band. It was short but a true M&G.  During that time if you had a quick question you could ask, give a gift it was your time.
Then with the cancellation/postponement of shows, ILAA decided it was no longer cost effective to deal with 30 Seconds to Mars (yes I did ask them).  So The Hive sent out emails and asked people what they liked and disliked about the whole experience. They then came up with Golden Tickets.
Golden Tickets were the same price at the ILAA packages EXCEPT there was no food, water, drink, prizes, personal one on one time with the band. Instead you are now coraled around the room the band comes around quickly signs whatever it is you want signed. Half the time the band never even looks up at you. Then they come back around and take a picture that half the time it doesnt even look like they want to be in.
Half way thru this part of the US tour, they decided to do the M&G’s after the shows. Actually said this was better because it allowed more time for the fans to actually interact with the fans.  What a bunch of bs! Now the fans are all sweaty from being in the pit and they paid how much to look like shit for a picture? Plus the band now REALLY doesnt want to be there. I have heard girls ask Jared a question and he says he doesnt have time. Excuse me Mr Leto, isnt this the people who have paid good money for Golden Ticket’s, their time? The only good thing about this whole meet and greet package was early entry.
Now with the recent new packages worldwide, the cost is $50.00 more and there is no longer early entry! What exactly are we paying for? The new Mercedes they each drive? Shannons new project CB7? Jared’s snuggie poncho that cost $1300?
When people asked via facebook, twitter, email, they were ignored.  People have a right to be angry! What are they paying for exactly? They get a bag (~$2.00), a paper thin poster (~0.50) and a tshirt (lets say $5.00), longer are there laminates (ILAA and the European tour both offered). So for a now $300 package it will cost the band $7.50! Ok lets say $10.00. They are paying $290.00 MINIMUM for a picture! A picture that was once free and offered freely due to the band being grateful for people coming to their shows.
Sure there are stars who will allow pictures for money. $50 or $60 dollars! NOT $290.00.
The only saving grace WAS the early entry. This way people could travel, see someplace where they had never been. The fans who do travel dont have the luxury of a bus driver to get them to the next gig while they sleep. They now have to risk their lives driving while tired so they can get inline with others. Why because the band has become just a greedy money making, could care less about anyone but themselves entity.
If people read this, blog this, tweet the link to the band, magazines, facebook, anyone and everyone perhaps we will be heard. If they cancel the GT? Who cares what exactly are you going to miss out on by not having said Golden Ticket. At least when Willy Wonka had Golden Tickets you got a bar of chocolate.
No longer does this band care about The Echelon, if you arent in good graces with The Hive, Emma, Robbie, Dai, Sarah, Stephanie, Bryan then you wont get shit. My sister and girlfriend had to learn the hardway.
Perhaps if the band hears your voices, they will realize their mistakes and if they truly DO care about the Echelon, will fix what is not right.

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Hurricane Screening + Q&A in Australia

MARS will be hosting a Hurricane Screening + Q&A in Australia! The screening will take place in Sydney at Hoyts La Premier, Entertainment Center- Fox Studios on Monday, 28 February 2011 at 6pm.
Can be in Sydney and want to attend?
In 25 words or less, what question would you ask MARS at the Hurricane Screening + Q&A?
Email your submission to AusHurricaneScreening@gmail.com to enter. Include your full name, age, email, and contact number in the email.
Best responses will win an invite for you and a friend, as well as the opportunity to ask your question to the band at the event!
DEADLINE: All submissions must be in by Thursday, 24 Feb at noon Sydney time.
Travel and transportation not included.
fonte:30 seconds to mars-site oficial

Video | Jared Leto no Lopez Tonight [22-02-2011]

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Video| fans dos 30 stm na MTV Seven

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Video | 30 seconds to mars na The Rave TV


Mais datas |30 Seconds to Mars na Alemanha [não confirmado pela banda]

23.08.11, 18:00 pm
Trabrennbahn Hamburg Bahrenfeld
Luruper Chaussee 30, 22761 HAMBURG
24.08.11, 20:00 pm
An der Arena 1, 68163 MANNHEIM

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Video | Hurricane Mission for Thirty Seconds to Mars


Merchandise Alive!11

Esta é a merchandise para o Alive 2011, para quem quiser encomendar [aqui]
Mesmo que não vão ao Alive. podem encomendar na mesma !!

Video | Documentário promocional sobre o Haiti- MTV Canada


Semana Hurricane missão #5

Tentar que  #HURRICANETHEFILM seja trend no Twitter , hoje.
Partilhem o video não censurado" Hurricane ", monstrem a pessoas que ainda não o tenham visto antes.
iTunes push:ja  reviram  a musica e compraram o video no itunes?
E continuem a enviar as perguntas para o Hurricane Screening e  Q&A [aqui]

Fotos | 30 seconds to mars no Tonight Show

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