jared leto Birthday

As we all know, next Sunday the 26th Jared celebrates 39th anniversary!
To celebrate this date, Jared Leto Portugal has a challenge for all echelons!
We ask all fans to pull for their imagination and write the best sentences about Jared and 30 Seconds to Mars. Do not hesitate , use your imagination .... only the imagination and creativity count for this challenge.
send your phrases for our blog e-mail:
- jared_leto.Portugal @ hotmail.com
All entries will be posted on our blog.
Do not forget! Participate and honor this wonderful man and the band,who has given us so much over the years! Love to all!
Ps - Anyone who wants can also help with other materials (drawings, photos, montages...)! We look forward to your participation;)
Can you send your material until the day January 1, 2011 ....

Merry X-mas

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